John's Stretta Story


John is now 71 years old and suffered with severe GERD symptoms since he was 25. He was taking prescription medications and when those still didn’t work, he turned to anti-reflux surgery. After two failed surgeries, his gastroenterologist introduced him to a new procedure called Stretta. Now, more than 10-years after his Stretta procedure John is symptom free, and the Barretts Esophagus that was caused by his chronic, uncontrolled GERD has also regressed.*

Kathleen's Stretta Story

Kathleen had chronic GERD for years, she couldn’t enjoy her favorite foods and constant coughing and clearing her throat affected her speaking presentations as a corporate trainer. Medications helped but did not resolve her symptoms and Kathleen was concerned about the effects of long-term PPI use, specifically osteoporosis, she didn’t want to have any kind of surgery. Kathleen had her Stretta procedure a couple years ago and is now off the medications and enjoys the Mexican food she missed for so long.*

Bob's Stretta Story

Bob had chronic sleep apnea, and the exhaustion caused by lack of sleep, triggered symptoms of atrial fibrillation (afib). After multiple trips to sleep and heart specialists, he turned to his Gastroenterologist. The underlying cause of his problems turned out to be silent reflux, he was regurgitating from his esophagus up into his throat all night long. Bob had a Stretta procedure 13 months ago and now gets a good nights sleep. His reflux episodes have been significantly reduced and he can rest easy because his afib has also resolved.*

Jenny's Stretta Story

Jenny had chronic symptoms of reflux for three years that were uncontrolled with medications. Her GERD symptoms affected many aspects of her life, going out to dinner, exercising, socializing and even singing in the choir became difficult. She saw a nutritionist and tried several prescription medications, but none of them resolved her symptoms. Her gastroenterologists introduced her to the Stretta procedure. Jenny chose Stretta because she was concerned about the side effects of long-term PPIs and did not want to have surgery. Three months after her Stretta procedure, Jenny is off her medications and enjoying life again.* 

Sandy's Stretta Story

Sandy coughed all the time and chronic laryngitis lowered her voice to a whisper, making it difficult to even talk on the phone. She never knew she had GERD until her dentist noticed acid erosion of her teeth. The chronic GERD also led to Barretts Esophagus. She was interested in a less invasive option than surgery. Sandy had a Stretta procedure a year ago, she has significantly lowered her medications and has seen an improvement to her voice and other silent reflux symptoms.*

Sharon's Stretta Story

Sharon, a single mother, had severe chest pains caused by GERD. Medications didn’t completely resolve her symptoms so her doctors suggested the Stretta procedure. Sharon had her first Stretta, which reduced her symptoms for several years with the aid of medications. She had her second Stretta approximately five years later and is now off all medications for her reflux.*

*The individual opinions expressed here are those of the featured Stretta patient and not those of Restech | Mederi-RF. These opinions should not be considered medical advice. You should ask your doctor about all treatment options along with their risks and benefits to determine if Stretta is an appropriate option for you. While clinical studies support the safety and effectiveness of Stretta for patients with chronic GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), individual results will vary from case to case and there are no guarantees of successful outcome.

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