The Stretta patient

Stretta is an option for GERD patients that are poorly controlled by or are intolerant of drug therapy, offering an alternative to invasive surgery and implants. Because Stretta doesn’t alter the anatomy or introduce foreign substances, it can be utilized in a variety of patient groups, and doesn’t preclude other treatment options.

Stretta fills a significant unmet need in:

  • Patients who don’t respond fully, or are intolerant of PPIs
  • Patients who don’t wish to have surgery or an implant
  • Non-erosive reflux (NERD) patients
  • Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) patients
  • Post-Nissen patients with recurring reflux
  • Post-gastric sleeve/bypass patients

Stretta is by far the most widely studied of any minimally invasive treatment option for GERD, with studies showing a high rate of effectiveness and durability without the higher complication rates or costs of surgery.

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