Long-term results of RF energy delivery (Stretta) for the treatment of GERD

Poster presented at OESO 2012.

INTRODUCTION: The prevalence of GERD in western countries ranges between 10 and 20 per cent; treatment depends upon symptom severity and individual patient characteristics and often requires long-term medical therapy or laparoscopic surgery. Despite that, about 20% of patients will have breakthrough heartburn and regurgitation and long-term use of medications, which provides a significant and life-lasting economic expense.

METHODS: Since June 2002 a total of 78 patients have been treated in our Center with the Stretta procedure and 19 of them (11 females, 8 males) reached by the end of 2011 at eight years follow up (range 7.9-9.2, median 8.6). Our comprehensive data concerning the 48 months follow up on 56 patients were published in Diagn.Ther.Endosc.2011.

CONCLUSION: The Stretta procedure for GERD treatment is now widely documented by experimental studies and clinical trials, easily feasible and with a reasonable cost. RF energy delivery to the LES is safe and effective, it produces durable and significant improvement in GERD symptoms and quality of life, as well as reduces the use of antireflux medications, with very low morbidity. For those patients that might show only transient efficacy, Stretta would act as an effective temporary “bridge” therapy between medical and surgical treatment.